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Occasionally we are asked about our core beliefs and what we are about.  Our very first post – “Why Back to Eden?” will get you started


Proven leadership in rapid growth, restructuring and mature business environments with experience in developing and maintaining relationships at all executive levels. Possess strong blend of sales, negotiating, business management and technical experience with a strong track record of developing people. Combine disciplined, organized management style leveraging extensive operating and capital budget experience combined with strong communication and presentation skills.  Over 25 years in various leadership roles in IT and telecommunications including many multi-faceted teams engaged in large, complex solution development projects, non-profit and small business entrepreneurs.

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The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Whether you believe the story is truth, metaphor, fable or myth, it is a powerful picture of the full potential for men and women.  Carrying the image of their divine Creator, their calling was to steward the environment they had been given, striking the balance between ruling over it while staying in right relationship with it, each other and their Creator.  When they found this delicate balance, things got better and improved when they were around; they were “fruitful and multiplied”.  At Back to Eden Group, this is our passion.  Whether we touch our core themes of business, relationships (belong), spirit, land or nations, we expect you to experience a shift in your life that will cause things to get better because of your encounter with us.