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Imagine being Adam or Eve who were created fully functioning and in adult maturity  with senses alive and instantly able to walk in their awareness of belonging to their Creator. This Spirit being of light, authority and kindness was their beginning and foundation for living. They were birthed into an instant oneness with this loving Father/Mother figure who was there to welcome them into the world.

Eden was laden with awe of His majesty and God as author and creator was there as He breathed the breath of life into them. They knew Him as He is and they shared life together and were fulfilled and secure. Complete love and wonder was all they knew as they began to relate to Him and explore both the expanse and boundaries of their lives in relationship with Him. In essence God provided himself to parent them and the three of them began the first family.

Are you able to go back to Eden in the DNA of your memory bank and find your first recollection of life? For every human being there will be that initial memory of actually living on the earth. Does the joy of security and warmth of love surround your recollection or perhaps you’d rather not return there? Or perhaps you’d rather not go back there as the rewind video seems particularly real and the pain is etched into the fibers of your detached longings for friendship and human kindness. Perhaps you did experience the welcome wagon that Adam and Eve received. If so you are truly blessed.

In a world that moves in diverse directions from that of the original design of God as was in the Garden of Eden, many of us long for more. We search in many diverse ways to find that unconditional love, human dignity and affirmation. We all need to be validified and appreciated for we are fashioned by God in His image. God placed in our spiritual DNA the ability to desire to commune and walk with Him, finding fulfillment in the ecstasies of a relationship with Him. In short, we all are born with the human necessity to ‘belong’, to be intimately connected with our Creator and be placed in community; a family. There is an inner compass that God has placed within our beings. He designed us as our forefather and foremother with this capacity and need. This divine blueprint has been that the human race would only  be satisfied when we are in proper alignment with our Creator first, and then extending to our people community. However since we are not born into the world as fully functioning adults as they were, fathers and mothers were then given the responsibility by God to be a model of God and His ways to their children. As parents walk with God intimately as was modelled in Eden we purpose to exemplify to our children the same love, provision, security and exploration that Adam and Eve experienced at their creation.

Strangely, it was in a place of complete divine shalom and ecstasy of friendship and exploration with God that Adam and Eve were deceived. Its hard to imagine them entertaining the notion that this most perfect Father they experienced would want to withhold anything from them except what was for their good. But we are no different than our forefathers were. So, we see that though they were birthed into absolute belongingness they forfeited Eden through unbelief that God was holding out on them. They chose to believe lies about their wonderfully loving Father Creator and forfeited that divine connection. The way was closed behind them as they walked away from intimacy with El Shaddai.

How grateful we are that Jesus the Son of God, left his home in glory, humbled himself to go the way of all flesh to identify with us. And in his birth, life, death and resurrection He restored us to that place of belongingness to Father God by reopening the door. And now our hearts are as full of His acceptance as the Spirit confirms in our beings that we are His and we are loved.

Jesus who is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit…..He is the door, the Hebraic gate to reconnecting with the Creator. He is the light and the pathway for us to return to oneness with the Father and Creator of the Universe. The gate is open to all. There is much to explore as God anticipates us opening spiritual door of our hearts to invite Him in to share in the Divine adventure.

Whether or not you may struggle with a sense of belongingness we invite you to participate in the Back to Eden Group. You are welcome here. You may not have a higher power or know of the Creator, you are welcome still to walk with us and explore these matters. We will honour you as one made in the image of your Creator as you deserve to be treated with respect and dignity as we all do. Our only request of you is that you would do the same.

For those of you who want to go deeper with us in discovering the awe of the one who birthed us on the earth may we ask you to ponder this:

Where do you belong?


Katherine Matthews

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  • Jessica Sanders

    I’m honored to join in this community, and exploration of our Creator!! So thankful that such a place, and family exist. This will be a beautiful journey.

    The question that stood out most to me was this:

    -“Are you able to go back to Eden in the DNA of your memory bank and find your first recollection of life?”. —A profound, and beautiful question. I’ll be meditating on discovering that memory, and come back to share what I find in my spirit.

    Love, and thanks for for being the incredible lights that you are.


  • Back 2 Eden

    Glad you have joined us Jess. Look forward to more interaction. Pray with us that other lights will be drawn to us all.

  • pawnee

    When I think of Adam and Eve… I think, nothing new under the sun!
    How often has Papa given me direction and clear vision, comfort and reassurance…
    but many times by days end I find myself questioning not only my experience with him but my relationship to him…
    No… I think each day is unto itself… leaning not on my own understanding.
    There is an old song… One day at a time Sweet Jesus… I say.. Amen and Amen again.

  • Jessica Sanders

    Wow, this is so beautiful to read, and absorb! There’s a lot of nourishment here to meditate on.

    The question is presented: -”Are you able to go back to Eden in the DNA of your memory bank and find your first recollection of life?”.
    –In pondering this, I realize that many of what flows out of my written poetry (past, and current writings in progress) is exactly that…writing of memories that are in my spirit, of infinity, eternity, and union with Creator. -Often as I write, only some of the words are thought out, and others just bloom in my heart without thought, and so I write them…many of these words that my mind did not intentionally structure, are the ones that most intimately weave the story of my memories with Creator God. -There are funny moments of “Oo where did that come from?” It’s so personal, deep in my heart, truly mine, and His, but I didn’t form it….it’s from a place outside of time/earth, that my spirit remembers.

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