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Body parts outside of community, or unconnected, would be more like an organ bank or biology lab than a functioning human body.  While connecting can take many forms, community is not optional in the body of Christ.  Back to Eden Group connects in many different forms – interaction through comments on our blogs, live interactive chat and also face to face.  All of these forms are global, with participants in multiple countries, states, provinces and cities.  This past weekend, we were involved in face to face meetings in the Denver, Colorado area, hosted by Jimmy Canali and Jessica Sanders, two special friends who are closely connected to Back to Eden Group.

city of denver, canali studios photographyThe Denver S.E.E. (Spiritual Entrepreneurs Emerge) meetings were an opportunity to extend our combined reach into the region, partner with Jimmy and Ecstatic Expressions to host a one day seminar at the beautiful Downing House and introduce some of our foundational concepts such as 21st Century Reformation, This Temple and Space Invaders to others.  All delivered consistent with our conviction of “everybody gets to play” and what we believe to be God’s non-hierarchical agenda for this time in history.

Denver SEE Workshop Approximately 25 people heard from John, Katherine, Caleb, Jimmy and Jessica over the weekend in different settings (living room, kitchen, banquet room, restaurant) in different forms (talk/teach, drama, poetry, art, testimony, spiritual reading, dream interpretation) as we encouraged one another to be heavenly Space Invaders in our own unique ways and to embrace the season of life we find Denver SEE House Mtg 1ourselves in.  The result was encouragement and hope to everyone involved.


Regular readers of our blogs will be aware that we are passionate about living out and experiencing the change that is occurring worldwide in what we call the church, the “ekklesia” or Jesus’ called out ones.  Institutionalism of all kinds is under pressure technologically, socially and spiritually.  This is a unique time in history where the opportunity for believers to grow up into true sons and daughters of God has never been greater.  However, at the same time, the potential to become a well connected spectator, follower or idol-worshipper has also never been greater.  Sons and daughters have true relationship with two-way exchange of worth, however in the case of spectators and followers, worth flows in one direction – toward the idol.

If you are new to Back to Eden Group and perhaps this blog is your first connection, follow some of the links provided to familiarize yourself with us.  Explore the site.  If you are one of our new friends from the Denver area, welcome!  We want to continue the relationship we have begun in whatever way you are most comfortable.  Take the step to subscribe to our blogs to stay connected.  Don’t make this a one time, weekend thing.

In the future, we will continue to facilitate connection through our blog, chat and face to face models.  We encourage you to connect with us in one of these ways.  Don’t be satisfied with being a spectator.  There is so much more for you and others through real two-way connection.

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  • Fiona

    Thanks for sharing the update! So neat to hear how people are being connected in the body! Loved the pictures, looked like you had a great time, with beautiful people.

  • Bianca

    Such a sweet day! Thanks for visiting us!

    • B2E Group

      Welcome to our online community Bianca! So good to meet you this weekend and see you online. Have a look around and look at our older blogs in the Blog Archive. Feel free to comment on an old blog. We’d love to hear from you.

  • Jess

    Such an amazing time being with you all!! I am so excited for all of our adventures to come!! 🙂
    Welcome everyone, lets stay connected.

  • Estee Atkinson

    I’m happy I’ve finally been able to get on here and check out these blogs! I was so incredibly blessed by you guys that weekend. I had completely different plans, but obviously the Lord wanted me there. I was waiting on a word from Him and He used that weekend to speak to me. So much of what you guys taught about resonated deep within my heart and confirmed so many things the Lord has been changing and renewing in me for some time. Puzzle pieces came together. All I can do is praise Him and thank you guys! I love reading all these blogs and the truth that comes with them. I love how Jesus the truth changes you from the inside out. I’ve already cried at a couple blogs, ha ha! Truth always makes me cry:) I’m excited to be connected and looking forward to our future skype dates!

    • B2E Group


      So good to have you connect with us through the blogs. A big welcome and long distance hug! We really enjoyed meeting you in person in Denver and also look forward to staying connected.

      Please comment on any of the blogs that resonate with you. Or even challenge or ask questions. We like it when dialogue is stimulated and also how it triggers others in our online community into interaction.

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