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CanyonAs we described in our recent post, Canyon Justice, this week our friend and one of the B2E Group community was on trial facing a charge of abusing a young child.  We appealed to you to intercede and ask the heavenly court to preside over the human court to ensure justice and truth would prevail.  This afternoon the verdict was officially rendered – Not Guilty!

Justice for Canyon!

Truth has prevailed and Canyon is now free to pursue all that the Creator of the universe has in store for him.  What tremendous news for our friend and encouragement for all of us.

Since the launch of Back to Eden Group in March of 2013, our vision has been to be more than just an interesting blog, source of information or spiritual inspiration.  Our dream has been to provide a place for Jesus followers to belong that doesn’t require a visit to a building (what we sometimes call electronic ekklesia).  In this case, Canyon was not allowed to go anywhere other than his home, work and court so the electronic community was exactly what was needed.  While there have been many occasions where our blogs and group chats have created some sense of community, this situation has been something entirely different.  Many of you have taken on Canyon’s case with vigour and applied yourselves with diligence and Godly compassion through obedience to love “the least of these”.  In fact, some of you have shared the situation outside the community and welcomed others to join in.  If you haven’t already, read all of the comments to Canyon Justice and Canyon’s heartfelt updates and thank-you’s.

For now, please celebrate with us, Canyon and heaven that it is possible that justice and truth can prevail and that people from Oregon, Colorado, Manitoba, Alberta, BC and Tahiti (those are the places we know of for sure) and worldwide can function as a “church community” even if they are not within the same four walls.

God truly is good.

John and Katherine Matthews




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  • Charles & Marian

    We celebrate! To God be the glory!

  • Chester Ethan Freeman

    God truly did step in with our friend Canyon. Through many days of starting with prayers for Canyon and ending each day with prayer for Canyon, God truly stepped in and the truth was brought to the forefront. It was a truly happy day today, knowing that God’s Justice and power over human court systems prevailed. I today Thank God Once again for the power he has over injustice in our human world. Through the power of sincere prayer we can show God that we need his help each and every day! I am so happy to see Canyon Set free from what was so draining on this young man. God Bless all who prayed for Canyon.

  • k.noel

    It never ceases to amaze me the vastness and awesomeness of God. You no doubt never leave us and you are forever faithful even when its the darkest hour you show up bigger better or in a way that out does itself. You are just pure awesome.. don’t know how else to say it..

  • Ketan

    It’s a great testimony for us to share. Praise the Lord !!

  • Canyon Bork

    Hey everyone, sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, I went home sick from work on Sunday slept till 4am then just got back from cowboy church!! All of you have saved me in more ways than I wil ever be able to repay, all I can say is The Lord is grate , and all of you are my Heros! Feel free to chat with me 1-541-460-3344 sincerely cowboy

    • James Thomas Canali

      Justice prevailed. So happy for you. Look forward to hearing more from you Canyon!

  • Elizabeth

    It is so wonderful that God is so faithful.He is truly the wise King of kings. How awesome that unity brings forth the joy of the Lord

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