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From Aug 21 – 24, 2014, Back to Eden Group gathered in various places throughout the Kelowna area during a beautiful Okanagan summer.  Our Kelowna Gathering 2014. Barbecues, boating and blabbing were on the very unstructured agenda.  We were even joined by Martin and Gayle Scott all the way from Spain via Skype.  If you haven’t already, listen in on the conversation here.

Overall, we continue the tradition of August being a time for visiting one another face to face and connecting with each other in a deeper way than the electronic method via this site and Facebook.  In early August, we visited Oregon to spend some time with our friends Chester, Kalia and Kaikoa and also Canyon before his trial.  By now you are probably well aware of the subsequent great news of Canyon’s official declaration of innocence in late August.  Our posts requesting prayer before his trial and announcement of the final verdict were wonderful experiences of the power of an online, believing community.

We’ve captured a few pictures throughout the month in the attached gallery.

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Finally, we’ve always considered the fall a time of new beginnings and look forward to what is ahead.  Many of us have significant breakthrough and advancement happening in their lives in the very near future.  Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) occurs in September and perhaps that is the reason our clocks sense new things every fall.  At Back to Eden Group we intend to continue to press forward into discovering new ways of expressing community outside of Christendom.  In our view, it is not enough to simply point to the obvious issues and shortcomings of institutional or empire Christianity but rather to press forward to explore alternatives.  While we love to study church history and honour those who have come before us who ran their race and left us their legacy, we must run for our prize in our own day.  We continue to glean from their successes and shortcomings as will those who come after us.  We, and others, have written extensively on how so many are abandoning institutional church but not Jesus.  To find meaningful community in this transition it is important for these pioneers and explorers to connect and build relationship and we are passionate about this in a big way.

So, to those who we were able to connect with more deeply in August, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did… and to all – Happy New Year or Mazel tov!

John and Katherine Matthews

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  • Chester Ethan Freeman

    I truly thank the Mathews. The visits to Oregon were well received and the outcome of two Court proceedings showed, through the power of community prayer for B2E and others, that God is the final law of this land! Thank you all for praying for Canyon and ourselves! Sincerely C.E.Freeman

    • B2E Group

      Yes, it is about unity as we come together as a part of the body of Christ and our little community pursues big things in prayer. Enjoyed the visit to Oregon. We’ll be back soon.

  • James Thomas Canali

    It was such a wonderful pleasure to be up in the true north with you guys in Kelowna. I was able to rest and glean much perspective. Going forward into fall is always exciting. Summer for me has meant work the past couple years and fall is always a welcomed transition into harvest, and for the past 4 years something new and surprising. In 2011 I had the privilege of traveling with you guys with the School on Wings to Salem Mass for Haunted Happenings, bringing light and love into a witch culture their. In 2012, the opportunity came up to work on a big scale visual arts project in Indiana, learning to design tile, also had the pleasure of riding cross country via amtrak train. 2013 marked a promotion to shift supervisor with starbucks and an exciting entrance into management. Now 2014 I’m beginning the move to LA California to work and manage in a photo studio. Wings Up.

    So grateful to be with you guys through the seasons.


    • B2E Group

      It’s been wonderful being in relationship with you since 2008 in California and sharing some amazing experiences with you along the way. Who could have guessed it would lead to where we find ourselves today. We consider you a true son and one who wears his wings with honour.

      Also excited for your next step into photo studio management. You are ready to fly. Wings up indeed!

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