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As a follow up to the recent Space Invaders blogs, in this blog we’ll hear from a present day “Space Invader”, Jimmy Canali, who has been part of the B2E Group S.E.E. (Spiritual Entrepreneurs Emerge) program in 2013 and is making an impact in Denver, Colorado.  He is a tremendous example of someone who is influencing the environment around him through relationship, stewardship and dominion.

I first met the Matthews in 2009 as they directed a Mysteries in the Night group, a place that fostered a safe place to develop an understanding of our dreams in the night. This rich environment was the bedrock for my relationship with John and Katherine and their son Caleb. Since then I have traveled extensively with their family in the Eaglesnest School with Wings, getting hands on experience as a creative, spiritual artist bringing life to a variety of groups from new agers to church groups.

Salem, Massachusetts

I have worked with Katherine and John in spiritual, personal life, and business development since Jan. 2013. As a creative entrepreneur and artist, running an art company known as Ecstatic Expression, I had talent and passion, though there were big gaps in my foundational life and business skills, which where prevalent in my first year running a business. I needed perspective on how to grow, where to get experience, and the kick in the butt to get out of the cult of comfort and into the cutting edge of my calling. As I worked with them, I learned to take action and grow my foundational skills. I came to learn principles of investment with time management and marketplace skills such as communication, asserting boundaries and understanding my redemptive design and how I could leverage my core design in work environments.

Through S.E.E, I came into a unknown territory that many artists can relate to, management. Managing myself, my spirit, my finances and life wasn’t completely foreign, but John and Katherine helped me learn skills that would take me to the higher limits of what I was capable of, e.g. learning to sow, reap and invest with my time, energy and money as a wise steward. As I did I began to access God’s favor in ways I had not yet attained to. I began to learn to apply myself to principles that would give me continuous and increasing return on investment throughout my life.

I took my career as an solo-preneur artist and launched into the marketplace working as a barista with Starbucks, learning to work on a team, develop a high past work ethic and balance my career out with a steadiness of income and relationships as well as creative time as an artist. As I applied myself with lessons learned in mentoring conversations with John and Katherine, the fruit was evident and I was soon put on a fast track to promotion. The essence of what I was stepping into was being a spiritual entrepreneur, one that had a place in society and could see work and life from diverse perspectives that I would have otherwise never learned had I stayed solely in the art studio. I am now working as a shift supervisor and leader in downtown Denver with Starbucks.

John and Katherine have given me opportunity to train myself, take initiative, make mistakes and keep growing. They helped push me into real life experiences and life opportunities to grow and develop into a mature man.

If I could paint a picture of what mentoring in the S.E.E. program has been like, prior to my involvement I could attribute my life and walk in my calling as owning a fast sports car and going on a road trip, however I was driving in a vague direction with out a clear sense of the end goal or landscape. Over the past 9 months, the painting has changed, I have gained a clear understanding of the vehicle of life I am working with as well as the timing and season and landscapes for 21st century artist, entrepreneur and spiritual creative. I’m now driving on a marked road called career and maturity, and enjoying the hardships and glory of the journey!

Jimmy Canali

Business/Spiritual Entrepreneur and Ecstatic Expression founder

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  • k.noel

    sound awesome Jimmy.. I totally know what you mean. Use artist types sometimes don’t always have the drive to promote, or spread/build just the passion to create. Glad to hear you are spreading your wings.

  • Jessica Sanders

    Jimmy, this is awesome!! You are kicking some serious butt!! –I just saw a vision clip of you, riding a rodeo bull, and staying on, not getting bucked off at all.

    I really related to your description of learning self management skills, as an artist, and creative; and of learning to leverage our core design.

    –Also, this picture of you, Caleb, and Frankenstein is hilarious!!

    Awesome things are happening!!

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