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Bird n Shoe

S.E.E. Sierra

Another update from the Back to Eden Group S.E.E. (Spiritual Entrepreneurs Emerge) program.  Our friend Sierra was in the program for just a few short months and the experience had a great impact on her life.  Here is a brief summary in her own words:

Bird n Shoe“Hope all is well with you guys.  Since I had a dream the other night with you guys in it, I figured I would write you what has been going on in my life.

I bought my new keyboard piano a little while ago. Having the chance to save up for something really nice has felt great. It wasn’t the cheapest model and I am very happy with it.  I was able to save up and get a good quality car. The nicest I have ever owned. I was able to buy it in cash.

I have been able to keep my home my own, with no family coming over unannounced or taking showers or doing laundry. I am actually pretty amazed because they haven’t even asked.

I am still going to Toastmasters every week and enjoying it very much. There is a good group of people that go there and I have gone to several group activities outside Toastmasters with a few of them. I’m now a part of the leadership team as the VP of membership.

I am stilling working on being more involved with people my age like at dance class and other events.

This is short but just wanted to say hi and to tell you how grateful I am because my positive direction is because of you guys.”


One of the core values of Back to Eden Group is:

Whether we touch our core themes of business, relationships, spirit, land or nations, we expect you to experience a shift in your life that will cause things to get better because of your encounter with us.

Every time we see a real shift in people’s lives after walking with us, however brief, we are encouraged.  Sierra, may you continue to build upon the principles that you have learned with us that bring about a transformation as you take dominion of your life.

John and Katherine

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