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COVID Religion

Gimme Some of that COVID Religion

COVID religion.  Who would have thought the religious revival of 2020 would be secular?  That it would sweep across the world in every nation on earth?  Adherents added every day by the thousands and supported by media everywhere.  Fervor unmatched by anything we have seen for generations.  Break out the singing!

COVID ReligionGimme some of that COVID religion

Gimme some of that COVID religion

Gimme some of that COVID religion

It’s good enough for me.

To have a bona fide religion there needs to be several key components in place.  Once they are all lined up, the outcome is predictable.  Consider these:


Faith is a core component of all world religions. Many a debate has occurred concerning the existence of God and his apparent activity on earth.  Adherents to a particular faith will stand firm that their God/Deity/Higher Power exists and the evidence of his/its activity is all around for us to see.  The Jesus following writer of the Bible book of Hebrews put it this way “without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” Heb 11:6 This is remarkably similar to COVID-19.  A negative outcome version is applied in that touching an object or surface can transmit the virus or getting within 6 feet of another person will put one at great risk of catching the virus and of course dying.  The thousands of deaths worldwide being attributed to COVID-19 are confirmed to be caused by the virus.  Faith in its power is everywhere.


Without priests or holy ones it is very difficult to have a religion. After all, there must be those with access to secret knowledge that only those closest to the Deity have obtained.  Better yet, if they have seen the Deity/Virus that is even better.  We have that in spades with COVID religion.  Scientists, health officials and politicians have that secret knowledge.  We must listen.  When these keepers of all knowledge and wisdom are challenged on things like accuracy of statistics, effectiveness of physical distancing and self-isolation their most frequent response is “just trust us, we are the professionals” or “we must believe the science that we have”.  Of course the more honest of this group also admit the science is constantly changing and we just don’t know for sure. When in doubt, just believe!


Regular preaching or pronouncements from the priest/holy ones is vital to the propagation of any faith and this one is no exception. In fact, usually faith groups survive on just a weekly proclamation of the great acts of the Deity.  Very committed groups sometimes meet twice per week to hear from their priests/holy ones but in the case of COVID, we are treated to daily pronouncements of the spread of the Deity and the impacts on the masses.  All kinds of statements, numbers and statistics are quoted in the thorough messages.  Usually unchallenged.  No wonder this newfound religion is spreading so rapidly.


Where would any religion be without its evangelists? Committed adherents who are dedicated to spreading the word at every turn, often warning of impending doom if their listeners, viewers or readers do not repent and follow the demands of the Deity and the priests/holy ones.  Enter the mainstream media for the COVID religion.  As has often been observed of some of the more aggressive televangelists in other religions, facts are often not a huge concern for this group.  It’s all about impact and influence of people, preferably large numbers of people.  With the advent of Facebook, YouTube and other forms of social media, the platform available to COVID evangelists is massive and instant.


No religion would be complete without its heretics. These are the ones who typically ignore the evangelists, challenge the “facts”, question the priests and doubt the power of the Deity and even its existence.  Of course these are often relentlessly persecuted by the followers of the Deity and usually the evangelists and priests as well.  Thank God (literally) for the heretics because without them the rest of us would be in big trouble.  In the history of most world religions, it is those who were considered heretics that changed the thinking about the Deity and progressed humanity forward. What is so interesting about the COVID religion is that the more honest priests/holy ones will admit that their science is imperfect and the best we have but that appears not to stop the relentless outing and persecution of anyone who dares challenge the doctrines of the movement.  Ironically, the very thing that all scientists claim is the foundation of science “challenging the hypothesis” seems unacceptable now.  This is the truest indication that we have a religion at work rather than science.


Finally, we know we are in the vicinity of religion when self-righteousness rears its ugly head. Those who live by faith in the pronouncements of the priest/holy ones and regularly spread the message of the evangelists by reposting on social media or commenting on the latest “transgression” of a heretic.  We are seeing this spinning out of control in the COVID religion.  In fact, this self-righteousness may be the fuel that is driving the pandemic.  You see, the COVID-19 epidemic is the perfect secular opportunity to worship science, follow the directives of the anointed ones and smugly claim moral superiority to others who are not as “pure” in their adherence.   “Why do your disciples break the tradition of the elders? They don’t wash their hands before they eat!” Matt 15:2  All of this is possible without any invisible supernatural being to believe in.  After all, who needs God when you have science to worship?


In examining the COVID religion metaphor, we haven’t even touched the connection of money to the whole system.  However, let’s just say that it doesn’t appear that the priests/holy ones, preachers or evangelists are suffering through the pandemic.  In fact, in Canada, the holy ones just gave themselves a raise.  Of course the regular parishioners are the ones suffering with record unemployment and their small businesses closing.

There you have it.  All of the key components for a powerful religion in place.  As COVID religion continues to spread across the world, we who are living in these times seem helpless to oppose it or do anything about it.  It seems the priests/holy ones, supported by the evangelists are in control of the agenda and are operating in a level of authority much like that of all knowing parents who simply know better than their children.  Again, the lyrics from that old gospel song seem appropriate:

It was good for Dad and Mother

It was good for Dad and Mother

It was good for Dad and Mother

It’s good enough for me. 

However, before you swallow this new religion fully, consider these “heretical” statements:

– The death rate attributed to COVID-19 has consistently fallen from as high as 10% to less than 1% and is still falling.  Many media outlets are now admitting it is “utterly unreliable”.

– Total number of deaths in the USA was predicted to be as high as 240,000 and is now projected to be 60,000 by August.

– The number of cases reported by the WHO and CDC includes “presumed COVID-19”.  That means the case has not been confirmed via testing and therefore may not be present at all.

Doctors and medical professionals are encouraged to report cause of death as COVID-19, even if tests have not confirmed and regardless of other underlying conditions.

– Due to inconsistency of testing in various countries and estimates that at least 50% of people with the virus are asymptomatic and untested, we have no idea how many people have the virus.

However, by all means – BELIEVE!!

Give me some of that COVID religion!

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