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Ah summer! A time to rest by the lake with a book and watch the kite surfers ride the wind, take our pails and go berry picking or ride bikes along nature’s industrious riverbanks. As we meander through hiking trails we can feast our eyes on the rolling hills of refreshing greens adorned with wild flowers. And yet daily the creation flows over us like the evening breeze under a shady wispy willow tree.

Are we really aware of all we have?

As a child, my first memories of appreciating nature was when I found a robin egg on the ground. After following the trail up to the nest it was discovered the hatch was aborted and I marvelled at the intricate design of the feather friends abode. I began to observe the many ways the birds gathered interesting material to make their home and with each species I found there was a mirade of reasons as to where and why they would build where they did. All this to create a safe place to incubate, hatch and grow their young. I was fascinated.

When our three sons were young we took them out to a park during the autumn when no other humans could be seen or heard and we took Niger seed with us. I had them stand like a statue with seed in their soft little hands well over their heads and in minutes the chickadees came gleefully landing to feast. The boys could hardly contain themselves as they felt them scratching through the seed because these creatures were so light but tickled their hands and so the boys giggled with delight. Nature is meant to bring heavens delights to us.

My little haven on earth is my backyard postage stamp acreage (: I invite you to sit at my little white table and consider for a few moments how your earth, your yard or porch is a trysting place of you and Him. Nature is full of the glory of God.

Backyard Nest

Consider the life that flows through this little corner of space. The dirt is ancient and carries many life giving properties as does the sky above that releases moisture and sun for growth. Bees and insects find their home here as they take up residence gleefully feasting on nectar and some hoovering up damaging pests that dine on my array of florals. The hummingbirds grace this wee spot and as they are drawn to the vibrant crimson reds of the garden they grace us with vibrations that remind me of heaven’s tunes.

All this I enjoy and my soul is fed with the dew of heaven as the morning sun peeks over the freshly watered foliage. Is there any other way to begin a God created day?

Well yes there is, for me at least. Have you ever been to a place, a land you love but noticed there was no song of the birds? I have. It is like being out in the lake floating along the crisply lapping waters, sun shining and the wind nudging you along…and someone serves you a hot coffee.  Not!  A tall cool glass of lemonade dripping with ice and cherries on top would be more like it.

Birds are like heaven’s symphony with so many diverse and glorious tones and vibrations. Their sounds are as unique as you or I and when we open our spirits up to hear we will reflect what we value.

I have many bird houses and nature made bird’s nests (I collect once they are abandoned by our darling friends) in my backyard as a statement that nature, God’s creation is welcome to live amongst us and sing to me as they fly freely to carry messages my spirit needs to hear.

David the psalmist wrote that our soul is restored when we rest or lay down in green meadows or I would say a place that we create around us such as our backyard. Each of us can praise God by stewarding the land or small bit of space we live in to give honour to God as our Creator.  As we do this He restores our soul because we are partnering with God in bringing heaven to earth. Our atmosphere matters.

Finally, ponder this:

“Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.” Matthews 8:20

“Look at the birds of the air they neither sow nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father fees them. Are you not of more value than they?” Matthew 6:26

Jesus was so loving and caring that without a home on earth He carried from his abode above a song of freedom for all mankind.

So the next time we see a little sparrow busy about nesting or simply singing for the joy over the provision of that day, let us not forget that our mighty king Jesus so humbled himself as not even to attain to this basic security – having a place to call home.

Summer BirdhouseI pray that the next time you see a little bird’s nest or the flutter of their wings that you will look up and thank God with me for all that surrounds us.

Katherine Matthews

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  • Jacob

    Ahhh… this drew me in! The description of nature took me right to it! This was amazing Katherine!

  • Jessica Sanders

    Beautiful, and inspiring post!! This stirred up some sweet memories, and peaceful present/future thoughts toward the land around me.

    Firstly, I think of how natural it is, to cultivate a sense of home, ownership, and sanctuary around us in creation… As a little girl, I’d make playhouses in trees, & bushes, dishes with tree bark, etc….but I’d also build places of worship….write prayers, and bury them in the earth…making alters to Creator out of rocks & sticks…(outside the local fellowship we went to, lol)….enjoying the wild, silence, and smells….I remember feeling connected, resonating with the feeling of having my own sacred places with God…even wrote about these hidden kingdoms, in my childhood diary, taking descriptive inventory of which places I’d claimed, and what my dreams/intentions were…forgot about that until now, haha.

    Currently…after reading this post, I went…sat in my backyard, in cool of dusk, & wrote the paragraph, below..

    “My land space..”

    Dusk…smells like honeysuckle flowers…it is wild, textured in nature, even tho tended to, much more than before…this old house, of many different things, planted at different times…trees, bushes, ivy…reminds me of the English countryside in movies…..then our rugged circle, of weathered, mismatched chairs, around a fire pit…adding a flavor of shared stories, merging pathways…a good depiction of our house of girls…sharing lives, and making a patchwork home of diverse beauty…all worshiping our Creator in different ways, around the same fire. -There’s a patch of gorgeous poppy flowers, that surprised us this spring…none of us knew the bulbs were there, until they burst into vibrant orange bloom!
    —I need a hammock again, because that’s my favorite place to tryst…but it’s already quite a serene spot…I feel God here…feel peace here…angels.

    • Back 2 Eden

      Thank you Jessica for taking us into your trysting place. This is a beautiful, complementary mini-blog that expands our vision into another heavenly nest in your part of the world.

  • James Thomas Canali

    I love this.

    I have been reading Annie Dillard, someone who delights deeply in nature, her book, A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.

    In my home town in the city of Denver, I find little retreats away from the city. Their little havens away from the buss and noise of Denver, I need that some days, a place to unwind and be.

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