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Ants are mostly an every day occurrence, especially in the warmer months. You see hundreds of them everyday, zooming around, not even thinking twice about them.fireants3 But I have come to learn a marvellous characteristic of the feisty ones, the ones that have a little bite, fire ants.  When the rains or floods come, they group and huddle together, grabbing each other’s mandibles and tarsal claws and form floating islands made out of their bodies.  A single ant will struggle in water and most likely drown but a cluster of them can bob and float for months!  They have been known to build ladders, chains, walls and rafts all out of their little bodies, to solely ensure the survival of their colony.  By joining the way they do, they are able to decrease their density as a whole and become a floating city. Left alone, they would sink.

We would all sink if we were left alone.  God made us to join together and use each other, like the formable ladders and chains connecting one to another.  We were not made to go at this world alone. We are not the strongest of species on the planet but what we do have is a choice to work together. We need to be filled with a ballsy spirit, that won’t be lost in the hustle and bustle of this crowded over, technological communicated world and get back to the foundations of our being.  We need to be able to connect to one another face to face, to go at the world shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand. We are programed for community, for compassion, for love. No matter how small you think your life might be, it is never insignificant.

Every person is needed.

Every person is wanted.

Every person has their place in the body of this world.

This is what makes us stronger, this is what makes us able to survive.

Find your niche.

Find your place.

When the floods come, will you ready?  Do you have your foundation made? There won’t be time for grabbing when the rains come.  You need to have that established well before the rains come, so when it does, you won’t go under.

fireants2Are you ready for the rain? Are you ready to float?

This blog is contributed by one of the active members of our electronic community –        K. Noel who is the founder of

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  • Mad Hatter`

    This is a great symbol of covenant. Love It. Thanks, Kahlia. ~And your artwork on your site is rich and powerful.

  • Kim patterson

    I like the analogy…. Very cool. I did not know that about ants …. Amazing!!!!

  • Back 2 Eden

    Perhaps the writer of Proverbs was watching fire ants when he observed:

    “Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider it ways and be wise! It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.” Prov 6:6-8

    Wonder who told the fire ants to clump together and float? Is in in their design to work together to adapt to survive? Wonder if the leaders of this group are in the middle being protected or on the outside where there is the most risk?

  • Jessica Sanders

    This is really beautiful. The theme of togetherness has been on my heart lately as well. Thank you for sharing! –And I agree, the art on your site is truly powerful!

  • pawnee

    I love the rain… I look fwd to the rain… I am ready for the rain…
    I have seen an ant walk on water… all by himself.. and
    I have never seen an ant hurt by rain… I think they love it too.

  • k.noel

    thanks guys for all your wonderful comments… I am blessed 🙂

  • Cindy

    Love this!! There is so much power in unity and community!! 🙂

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