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It is hard to believe but it has been just over one year since we launched the Back to Eden Group website and published our first blog – Why Back to Eden? As with any new entrepreneurial endeavour, where you end up is not always exactly where you thought you were going but somehow you get to a place so much more rewarding than you originally envisioned.  Almost sounds like something Winnie the Pooh or Frodo Baggins would say, doesn’t it?

dog mirrorFor regular participants in our online chats and discussions, readers of our blogs and visitors to our electronic community, it seems to be the right time to reflect on what we all have become and more importantly re-affirm our vision for what could be in our future.  We offer the following observations, not to puff our chests with pride but rather to provide encouragement to all involved that we are becoming something much different from what we have all experienced in the past.  For those of you who are new to us, we’ve provide some links to help you more easily explore what we are about.

In the first two weeks of March, 2014 we:

  • connected with 241 different visitors
    – from 44 different countries and 177 cities
  • sent out our 45th and 46th blog
    – to 35 subscribers (or followers)
  • received our 281st comment
    – from our 30th unique commenter
  • held our 6th online chat (twice per month)
    – with 8 participants
  • expanded our S.E.E. coaching/mentoring program
    – to our 6th person
  • booked our 5th face to face gathering or get-together
    – in Colorado of all places.

Those of you who have a keen sense of observation will notice a pattern in this list.  As you move downward you will notice a closer connection and increasing level of personal relationship.  In other words, there are multiple ways to connect with us and each other, with varying levels of intimacy, depending on your comfort level.  Overall, the result is a growing community of called out ones.  A New Ekklesia.

While this is certainly a wonderful thing, it is also important that we measure ourselves to see how we are doing in comparison to our original vision.  In our very first blog in 2013 we made the following statement:

In a world where the boundaries of secular and sacred are increasingly blurred, our simple test is “Is your life/business/group/church/organization in better shape after interacting with us?”  We approach this as followers of Jesus of Nazareth while not necessarily adopting the traditional structures of institutional Christianity.

So now it is time to ask you, has reading and/or commenting on our blogs, joining in our chats or participating in our S.E.E. program made a positive impact in your life?  We can say for certain that we have not adopted a traditional structure of institutional Christianity but is your life, family or whatever group (e.g. business, church, organization) in better shape after interacting with us?  We’d like to hear from you on this by commenting on this blog or via email through Contact Us.

Finally, one other challenge to all reading this blog.  While we would be the last ones to insist that you attend an institutional church, community is not optional for Jesus followers.  Therefore, we challenge you to take one step closer toward the growing Back to Eden Group community.  If you a random reader of B2E Group blogs, take the step to subscribe to receive email notification of each new blog we post.  If you are already a subscriber, take the step to comment on this or any other blog posted to our site.  Maybe  you are already a regular commenter. Consider taking the next step and ask us how to get involved in B2E Group Chat.  If you are a regular chat participant, find your way to one of our face to face meetings.  Come in a bit closer. God is knitting together something new and this is your opportunity to be part of a 21st Century Reformation – a New Ekklesia.

B2E Group

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  • gerson

    Its great to be reading and learning your blogs. Praying from the Philippines

  • Elizabeth

    Hallelujah,love the growth ! Just want to say Father God ,shared a picture when He moved me and I love the word knitting us together,because He showed and shared,that we were being woven and weaved together and the banner was love !

  • pawnee

    I very much enjoyed this message. for all the changes that are going on in the world I see you stand fixed and steady.
    I do hope we meet again one day. please give Caleb my best and of course blessings to you both.

  • Jessica Sanders

    I’ve personally experienced so much growth in my own life, through being a part of Back to Eden Group, and the S.E.E. program. Can’t wait to see all your faces next month!!! 🙂

  • James Thomas Canali

    Healthy isn’t always the sexiest thing…though charismatic culture is more like the pop magazines you see int he grocery store, the b2e group as included a sense of belonging and maturity. My life has moved from so many areas being in the red to being in the black, using financial language. I am grateful for the demonstrative growth I have been able to take in my life as I apply lessons learned from healthy principals to live out of and healthy perspectives that change my paradigm and attitude towards life, thank you John and Katherine, for beginning things in a new way, and being some of the few who look to mature the coming generation out of their diapers and charismatic immaturity. Love Jimmy

  • Edualdo Cicero

    Yes, indeed there is a shift that’s taking place over the world regarding this “new ekklesia” move of the Spirit where the Lord is “changing the understanding and expression of the Church within ONE generation”. That word was received by a French minister friend of ours in 2002 and (to his amazing suprise) by another minister of the Lord–whom he met later in another nation–AT THE SAME TIME (with the noted difference that these two ministers of the Lord didn’t know each other when they received that word directly from Jesus Himself and are not from the same country (one in France–got it in French–and the other in the USA–got the very same word in English)… ASTOUNDING!!!

  • Katherine Matthews

    Ours is the generation that is bursting out of the institutional box of church as we have known it and exploding with the light that is not to be hidden in the pews! Enough!
    He is doing a new thing which is an old thing. Jesus made it very clear that he went out from the 99 to find the 1 and he did NOT bring it back to a building called church. He called people to himself and he modelled to his followers how to live a life in him once he was gone. He said to drink his blood and eat his flesh and to be and do as he IS. The great command was to go OUT. OUT means OUT to other worlds (religion in church lifestyle is a factory world of cloning) to all the world, society and to every creature and living soul. We were never taught by our master to collect people and bring them to a building where through programming they would lose their ability to develop their conscience before God. We are free to so live with heaven in our hearts that the Spirit of life outshines all other earthly pathways drawing the seekers to ‘The Light’ in us. As they hang out with us, our lives teach them His ways through relationships and sharing life (called Ecclesia) in every day life. Yes committed to one another and seeing His kingdom come in our lives. Walking with heaven, angels and belonging to the midwife ecclesia on the earth! Each one of us has been given a birthright. But it will cost us in this generation all we have known to attain it!

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