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Today it is time to address a serious issue in the body of Christ in our generation. I believe we are in such an exciting time in church history where we are seeing and experiencing a great divide. There is an intentional sifting as presently the angels go throughout the earth marking those whose lives reflect the Spirit of the fear of the Lord.

As a young woman (1977) I had gone to live in Israel to live, study the life of Jesus and investigate the land and culture. History abounded and it was not hard to see the ancient landscapes that reflected His teachings. I grasped intellectually at that time the realities of the sufferings of Christ and the Hebrew people throughout history. Simply put, I was intrigued at the divine thread in it all. Coupled with these very political injustices, I became acutely aware of the governmental arenas of life in society and within the organized religious systems.

As was the tradition of the ‘institutional church’ the pastor was and today remains, the head of the church and given complete rulership over the people, much like a business executive. I began to study the origins of the Christian faith and discovered that the word of God does not position the pastor as the head of the church. Yet for centuries (to this day) he/she has been dubbed ruler of the people and their spiritual covering. Being greatly puzzled I respectfully presented this paradox to friends and pastors. Further, I pointed out that the Bible states the ‘apostles and prophets’ are the first mentioned assigned by God ‘to serve’ as the bottom floor foundation of the gathering of the saints. Why their thrones and clones then? The pastor is third mentioned and is to care for his flock of followers and yet they primarily teach (the fifth role mentioned in the five-fold model is the teacher).

Now being an uneducated, simple tradeswoman, I was shocked to find that no one wanted to acknowledge this simple truth. Undaunted my intrigue only increased. I soon discovered that speaking up, studying and desiring to know the truths of scriptures were not shared joys with most people I approached. My questions concerning the A. P. E.’s (Apostle Prophet Executive’s) apparent unquestionable divinity and why the masses followed their heresy….. produced aggressive responses. Called a witch many times and hauled before the Christian Sanhedrin courts, the persecution was coming from a place that surprised me (at least at that time). Being marked as a Jezebelic woman, I was thrown out of churches and expelled and rejected by my Christian peers and from many leadership positions of responsibility, as all believed I was divisive and causing disunity. In short I was given one choice – repent for questioning, recant, conform and publicly endorse this false way/doctrine or you are outside the camp.  I seemed to be living on the Planet of the APEs.


Now today in 2014 I find it humorous and sad that these same ‘revelatory apostles and prophets’ have a new insight from heaven. They say that they have been supernaturally selected to receive the new manna given by visitation of heavenly beings. Proudly they declare, ‘the pastor is not the head of the church but they are ‘ (can you hear the angels snickering or perhaps crying?) These pompous, people pleasing hirelings say that the church is built on them (presuming their lives are a standard of right living that represents God) and that if you are not under their apostolic/prophetic covering in a local church you cannot know Jesus and you are deceived.

I want to point out to you today the incredible presumption and familiarity these people operate in. They have been given over to blindness as the god of this age has free reign into their lives through their haughty arrogance and pride. None of these have any regard for the sin of causing the millions of aborted birthrights of the lives of those who were infected by their false doctrine in the past. Though they preach repentance, they themselves selectively bypass this grievous evil as if the eyes of the Lord cannot see them. This is why Paul asked “Who has be-witched you oh Galatians?“ Paul warned us of false apostles who would come and proclaim another gospel.

We war not against flesh and blood but powers in high places and following false church government is a high place for these powers. If we would not be seduced into forfeiting our reason for being on the earth (our birthright) we would heed the words of the true Apostle Paul who warns us to “not follow any other doctrine than that of the true apostles” and “to follow me as I follow Christ”. To do this we must look an example of the highest order, Jesus himself.

Today the grand Apostles and Prophets of Western Christianity all preach fun, laughter, youth, success, gold dust and plenty of angels to play with, as healings abound and money is delivered in your daily Starbucks coffee. Big ministry, red carpet gala affairs where these executive super elite ministers frequent jockey to be in the centre of our world. It is still the ancient strategy game of who can get to the top.

However, Jesus is our highest example of suffering and humility, courage, bold fearlessness and definitely is the highest example of generational honour and sacrifice. Many large ministries today are discrediting Jesus’ life example of both his suffering and humility because they say he died to ‘give them the best life’ (in their delusion this means partying in the eternal joy bubbles of getting drunk in the spirit) so forget building character. After all, long-suffering does not draw big crowds. For the most part, their life example to this generation is completely dishonourable and one that reflects this world’s highest value – the spirit of Selfie.

The Apostle Paul is hailed as one who taught that we must all continue on with the breaking of bread and the apostles doctrine daily. It is a complete joke for these presumptuous servants to put themselves on par with the Apostle Paul but nonetheless it is the false apostles magna carta today. If you have heard and understood the defense of many you will understand that anyone who calls themselves an ‘Apostle’ is one who must have had a visitation of Jesus himself. While true, this is but only a small beginning to testifying to the legitimacy of an apostle or prophet and stamp of approval from heaven. So how does the body of Christ know if they really are authentic?

First, we must accept that we are instructed to judge fruit.

“You will know them by their fruits.” Matt 7:20

We alone are accountable for the spiritual food we eat. We must contend to gain our birthright. Who we abide, reside and fellowship with, we also become like. (Psalm 1)

It is most predictable that suddenly it is now the next best doctrine that the APEs are the foundation of the church, therefore listen, heed and obey all they say and do. Every Tom, Dick and Harry (Pastor, Evangelist and Teacher) has now mysteriously shape shifted into great APEs without a hint of ownership as to their former heresy. Now ask yourself why would we give honour to the same people who have walked in such arrogant deceit? We are the fools to follow such religious fantasies and allow these deceptions to enter our metron of responsibility. There is only one example Jesus walked for us – selflessness, servanthood and suffering. In this path we will find life and meaning.

If you have a disconnect looking to Jesus as your example, because He was God/man, and you are wondering what a true apostle and prophet looks like, let us return to see the characteristics and lifestyle of the Apostle Paul.

What are they supposed to do for the community of believers? (2 Cor 4:1-5)

“Since we have received this ministry of laying a foundation……we do not lose heart.

We have renounced handling the word of God deceitfully and commending ourselves to live out the express manifestation of the truth to every man’s conscience in the sight of God himself.

Even if our gospel (the lifestyle of quietly going about serving, suffering and dying) is veiled to others it’ s because the God of this age has blinded their minds (because they have chosen to not see correctly).

For ‘WE DO NOT PREACH OURSELVES’ but we preach Christ Jesus the Lord (his lifestyle, teachings and practices, purposes and characteristics which are the fruit of living His way) and we work out this salvation, to be like Him, and to be your bondservants.”

Who are true prophets and apostles? They experience (2 Cor 4:9-12):

-Rejection, mistreatment, displaced continually (v 9) ‘that the life of Jesus be manifest in our mortal bodies and display God’s glory’

-Suffering, social shunning and stonewalling (v 11) ‘we are always delivered to death’

-Sickness, hardship and toil is uneventfully embraced (v 12) “death is working in us, but life in you.”

How do they treat money and possessions? (1 Cor 9:14-20)

-No investments in this world but their eyes and paths reflect the passionate investment in hope of eternity and no paid staff, regular salary or titles but without advertising.  They graciously receive offerings now and then without a bribe which is the opposite of their executive lifestyle we see today. “In the same way, the Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel. But I have not used any of these rights. And I am not writing this in the hope that you will do such things for me, for I would rather die than allow anyone to deprive me of this boast.”(v 14,15)

“What then is my reward? Just this: that in preaching the gospel I may offer it free of charge, and so not make full use of my rights as a preacher of the gospel.” (v 18)

Work hard with their own hands (1 Cor 4:12) or like Jesus and Elijah, fed by nature itself.

In summary, their lives speak of the intense focus on creating opportunity for the truths of Jesus to take root in the soil of others hearts. And because they exemplify His sacrificial lifestyle , God’s eternal purposes bear witness through the reproduction of the same grace. This grace marks the true Apostles and Prophets. They will be crushed, abandoned, rejected as insane and suffer all kinds of loss, yet in heartbreak they will entrust themselves to the kindness and severity of our loving Father. For God alone has called them, they cannot be bought for any gain on this earth. They walk according to their conscience. And like their master Jesus, the Spirit of the fear of the Lord is their delight. They consider themselves aliens and strangers on this earth and they live and work to honour God alone.

Why do Jesus bondservants live like this? (2 Cor 4:15)

“all things are for your sakes and so that praise abounds to God” (because they have personally had Jesus himself come to them to discuss this life out of death service to others. To care for the body of Christ both on the earth and in the heavens.

In conclusion, we know that we most likely will not meet many true apostles or prophets because of their Christ-like character of not promoting themselves. They are much too preoccupied in laying down their own agendas. They have no purpose or time for Selfies, seats of honour at Apostle Joe’s round table, selling revelation online that exalts their self-promoting portraits, quotes, books and CD’s or naming ministries after their very own power loving names. They are not APEs who swing from the heights of fame but crushed victors who walk barefoot through time.

Should you happen to be an authentic, fruit displaying apostle or prophet and have found your way to this blog, please forgive us for not recognizing the gift that you are to us, may heaven repay you.

May Jesus, the greatest Apostle and Prophet of all, feed you, strengthen you and honour you before the generational I AM today.  We bless you in your office and calling and we truly hope that God will grant us vision to see you and know you.

The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you, keep you and carry you ever deeper into his heart.

‘APEs climb to the heights to be seen as king but God’s servants wear a crown of dust.’


Katherine Matthews


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  • gerson

    This is so true , praying that the Pastor and leaders will get this kind of revelation .

    • B2E Group

      Us too.

  • gerson deita

    Praise God for this revelation . Praying that many leaders will get this kind of revelation .

  • Joseph Mills

    Good stuff. I’ve been noticing that the desire for angels, manifestations, miracles, signs, and wonders, have all taken precedence over the person of Jesus. Not to say that these things aren’t great, awesome, and very much a part of our every day faith – but in order for us to walk as Jesus walked, relationship comes before we “manifest” the presence of God. I feel like the church has started striving for the gifts again, creating a new form of religious spirit and idolatry, instead of seeking the person of Jesus, and his manifest presence comes as a byproduct. It’s the timeless struggle of us trying to take control and make the Story about ourselves, instead of about our Creator, Father, Lover, and God of all.

    • B2E Group

      Kudos to you for making the connection between today’s emphasis on signs, wonders, manifestations, etc. vs. the person of Jesus which includes the development of character. Isn’t it interesting that whenever crowds gathered to see Jesus after a miracle that he would take the opportunity to teach on character or suffering?

  • James Thomas Canali

    🙂 This is appropriately worded. To lay down and slither to the thrones of the ape’s is a nature God did not design us for. I respect the tone of the message and think that the great divide is inevitable and has been part of God’s plan. God does not want us indoctrinated in religion, but men and women lust for the throne of power in one way or another.

    God is indeed giving the “APE’s” of our times chances to see truth that will supplant them from their own throne and give them a place with a proper place with the rest of humanity.

    • B2E Group

      When people stop laying down and slithering to the APE’s, they won’t have the support they need to stay on their executive thrones.

  • k.noel

    Its a generation and bygone generations of EGOS and PRIDE. Not one person is worth following…and never will be. Jesus is the only way. We have to lay down our crosses and follow him. Sadly most not willing to heed this warning and they preach and proclaim otherwise without laying down their own crosses. The PROSPERITY gospel is a flat out lie. Yes we are blessed, but not by earthly things..Thats what they get wrong. The road is tough and hard, full of sacrifice and persecution…..John 15:18 If the world hate you, you know that it hated me before it hated you…2 Timothy 3:12 Yes, and all that will live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution… If you are not, then you are on the wrong path. Believers, the world hates us and wants nothing but our demise- do not give in to fit in…. Jesus was not a conformer, he was a shaker. Many will fall away when the road gets tough blaming God, but he told us all along it will be so, thats why our life shall be a LIVING SACRIFICE.

    • B2E Group

      Well said. The word “sacrifice” implies pain and loss. Certainly is a picture of our Lord himself. It is currently not a popular word spoken through the mouths of the APE’s, unless they receive the benefit from those “serving their ministries”.

  • Chester Ethan Freeman

    Although I go to church on Sunday’s. I seek out the children to teach and to read scripture to. I share the lessor of my mistakes in life, so that these children may know what comes to those who do not follow Jesus himself. I do not agree that worship is within the walls of a church, yet in our daily lives. Only when I read scripture each morning of my life, do I feel the presence of and the direction God is putting in front of me. I believe a ministry should be of hard facts and most cannot handle this. This is why I seem to feel that Church’s today are week in their ministry. I feel pastors put bandages on their flock instead of truly expressing that God is breaking them AND this is to show them they are not following Jesus and what he has taught us. Know God and Jesus through Scripture “The True Path” and all can find the way. Then it is up to all God’s children to then follow the path. I HAVE been broken. Although God was always in my heart, I didn’t always walk the path. Through the help of people like my amazing wife, I Now know that which I am to seek, to follow and my calling here on earth.

  • Jarvis P.

    I am new here and appreciate the direction of your blog and community. I am in a rebuilding stage of my faith and knowledge of the right path. Most my life was spent in lala land trying to figure out how to pay rent, eat, sleep and stay relatively healthy with no direction. What I have come to learn is that the Pastor is the servant of the people. The vision of Jesus bathing then wiping his disciples feet with his own towel before he would be crucified, to show them even until this point that they should take care of each other no matter what. I thank Jesus as the true Lord for showing us this true humbleness so we might know our place.

    • B2E Group

      Welcome Jarvis. We hope that we can be a resource to you in your rebuilding process. You are correct in your observations about the Pastor. In fact, there is no support in the New Testament for any kind of “professional/paid clergy”.

  • Sierra

    Christians today like to follow those who tell them the life is all about having a good time. Where they don’t have to be responsible for their own decision because there is plenty of grace to go around. We have a care free attitude where we don’t hold our leaders to a accountability standard because we want to do whatever pleases ourselves. The fear of the Lord, the beginning of wisdom, would counsel us otherwise.
    As mentioned in the above blog… we need to judge the fruit. see if it is good, and if not don’t eat it.

  • Katherine Matthews

    How true it is Sierra! There is an exchange going on with the present day APE’s model. The trade goes like this: you give your homage to me in my non biblical model of hierarchal ministry, and give me your money and time on earth to serve my vision. In exchange I will give you prophetic words and a sense of legitimacy (false albeit) in the church just by being ‘under’ my ministry which is all about me.
    Sounds like something we have been warned about before don’t you think? (re:Jacob and Esau) As you have said well, we need to fear God and cherish our birthright!

  • Marcus Stead

    Yes Katherine I have also walked through this over the last 10 years or so. The whole New Apostolic Reformation is in a big mess right now, making the same mistakes as past movements with denominations. Same problems with hierarchy. The trendy topic of the day is that if you are a pastor or leader you need a spiritual father/apostle to “cover” you, harvesting spiritual sons all over the world. Many have been tricked into these kind of relationships, and end up being used and abused. Yes there are real meaningful spiritual relationships, but this movement is full of abuse and immaturity and many are false apostles.

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