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One of our foundational beliefs is in the partnership between a man and woman in their relationship with the Creator and in exercising dominion and stewardship over the created world surrounding them.  As mentioned elsewhere on our site and in other blogs, Back to Eden Group is founded on the concept of the environment of the garden of Eden. Whether you believe this is a literal story, metaphor, fable or myth, it doesn’t matter.  You can gain so much by entering into this story in your imagination and reflecting on the truth within it.  Truth really will set you free.

The story of Adam and Eve is found in Genesis chapter 1 thru 3.  Before the original couple disobeyed God and broke their relationship with him, the following was true of their relationship.

  1. While Adam was created first, Eve was taken out of his side and was presented to him as his partner.  They were very much co-rulers or partners in the joint venture.
  2. When God first observed Adam alone, he said that it wasn’t good for man to be alone which was the inspiration for the creation of Eve.  A man and woman working together are much more powerful and complete than either of them working alone.
  3. All of the instructions given to “man” by God were given to “them” together.  God said “Let them rule…”
  4. Right after the statement about God creating man in his image, the statement is made ‘male and female he created them”.  God’s image was not complete without both a male and female being.  This also says something interesting about God in that he has male and female attributes even though he is referred to with male pronouns (a topic for another day).

In summary, a man and woman, working together in partnership with neither superior to the other is the full, unspoiled image of their Creator.

Following on from this, after Adam and Eve disobeyed God their relationship was broken and sin (imperfection) entered the human race.  From then on, their relationship with each other and creation was also affected.  For example:

  1. They hid from their Creator.  This is always a sign that something is wrong in the very core of our being.
  2. Eve’s desire was now directed toward her husband and he would now “rule over her”.  This was not the original design of partnership.
  3. Adam’s work would become much harder and he would have to exert much more effort than previously to get things done.

What does this mean for our discussion on man/woman relationships?  Whenever you see a man ruling over a woman you are not looking at the Creator’s ideal for a man/woman or husband/wife relationship.  Remember, the original ideal was a partnership and the concept of the man ruling over the woman came in because of a broken relationship with the Creator.  Put another way, when a man and woman are in right relationship with their Creator then they will operate in a partnership mentality not in one over the other mode.

This foundational concept adds new perspective to our observation of Jesus of Nazareth (remember we are Jesus followers at Back to Eden Group) and how he carried himself toward and treated women during his time on earth.  Remember that 2,000 years ago women were still very much considered the property of their fathers (before marriage) and their husbands (after marriage).  They were definitely second class citizens.  In this environment, Jesus was a radical and reversed centuries of entrenched rulership by men over women that could be traced right back to Adam and Eve.  Some examples that were unheard of in his day:

  1. He had women in his close entourage.  (e.g. his mother Mary, Joanna, Mary Magdelene)
  2. He spoke directly to women frequently and had no issue with them touching him, pouring perfume on him or washing his feet with their tears.
  3. He defended the woman caught in adultery (the famous “He has has no sin cast the first stone” story).
  4. He had a cordial conversation with a Samaritan woman who had come to a well at mid-day.  She was an immoral woman (demonstrated by coming to the well when nobody else would be there and also eventually revealed in their conversation).

All of these things were revolutionary for his time and set the course for the day we now live in where we see much more equality for women.  While it took many centuries, this is much closer to the Creator’s purposes for a healthy man/woman relationship.

Unfortunately, institutional religion has continued to propagate the woman under the man worldview and is one of our primary warning signs that we are dealing with religious, controlling, man-centred thinking rather than true spiritual, freedom and Creator-centred thinking.  Watch for this tell tale sign as you observe other groups, institutions and relationships.

At Back to Eden Group, one of our core values is that your life will “get better” when you encounter us.  One of those areas will be in the man/woman relationships in your family, group or organization.  We always see increased freedom in this area and a rebalancing of  man/woman relationships wherever we go.  Of course, this often comes with friction as old ways of thinking and doing things are threatened.

May you experience true partnership between men, women and their Creator in all you do.

B2E Group

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  • Princess Fi

    I found this article quite interesting. Take a look at the second list, point number one. How very true is it that when something is wrong or off balance,I think that one of our first instincts is to hide or withdraw.
    I agree that men and women should be partners on marriage… But what about the desire of a woman to be protected and cared for? (just an example, and not necessarily a whole thought) what does that look like on the context of male/female”partnership”? One more question, for singles… How do you live and act in light of this Eden relationship model?
    Peace to you, Fi

    • Back 2 Eden

      Thanks for the thoughtful comments and questions Fi. A couple of thoughts for you:

      The desire to be protected runs in both directions in a partnership (reputation, integrity, character, privacy, etc.). Of course, in most cases the man may be stronger physically and therefore in general it is more likely for the man to physically protect the woman in a relationship, but even that could go both ways.

      Regarding your second question, the principle of partnership still applies. A good example of this is Priscilla in the Bible. When looking at the way Paul addresses her, he clearly honours her as a partner in ministry and does not assume a position of rulership over her. While she was married, Paul was single. Anytime a single person works with the opposite sex, they can still operate from a partnership rather than subservient position.

      Let’s hear some thoughts from others.

      B2E Group

  • Jessica Sanders

    Love this. -Very cool how you notes the masculine, and feminine attributes of God. Folks in the new age community ask me often about that subject, (Why Christianity only tends to focus on the masculinity of God, and the fact that many people feel that Christianity is a male dominating faith, due to this). –Really enjoyed the points about how Jesus interacted with women also, a beautiful picture.

    • Back 2 Eden

      Jesus really does model value of all human beings, whether male or female. If creating us in God’s image meant “male and female he created them” then of course he would model value for both aspects of his being. It is interesting that this seems intuitively obvious to most people, including the New Age community.

  • Chester Ethan Freeman

    Take this for what it is worth. I believe that God created Man and Women to balance one another. This is SO true in my family. Although my wife is very strong mentally and physically, I did not know if her true calling was motherhood. I am a so called “Leader” in society and work. I can usually determine the strengths of others in this world and their weaknesses. This comes from overseeing 100’s of employees. YET with my wife, I was not certain about Motherhood as a strength. She said continuously that she is to be the mother and wife of the home, by the direction of God. Trust me, now as we walk through life with our new baby, my wife is the Mother she said she would be. She is also the wife she said she is supposed to be. As for all, we to continue to learn about each other. How to communicate and to adjust our own weaknesses, yet we feel we understand the roles that God created us for. YES a Unity/Partnership, yet we have different roles for sure. I am to the point and goal oriented and she is more philosophical. We are different and that is what makes our partnership stronger.

    • B2E Group

      For sure Chester, it is all about partnership and complementing each other with our strengths. Unfortunately, this has not been a consistent message or approach within society or the church. Male dominance is simply not God’s ideal. (neither is female dominance for that matter).

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