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Our World Vision

Our “World” Vision

Experiencing other nations and cultures is the supreme test for one’s worldview.  Put simply, if your philosophy, beliefs and convictions don’t work in other cultures, you might want to revisit them.  Platitudes and catchphrases seem hollow and dribble out of your mouth and down your chin in the face of the variety of situations found in societies different than our own.  In those places we encounter simplicity, poverty, ancient spirituality and superstition, disease and brokenness, causing us to reflect on what really is important in life and more importantly, what actually lasts or will outlive us.

At Back to Eden Group, we have experienced many different cultures such as Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania), Israel, England, Costa Rica, Mexico, many subcultures of North America (California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Massachusetts, New York) as well as our home culture of Western Canada.  In all of these places and situations we learn something about ourselves and why we are on the earth.

In a nutshell, we have found something common to people in all cultures – a desire to improve their world, make it better and succeed.  Interestingly, this parallels the commission to Adam and Eve in the first human culture on earth – steward, take dominion, be fruitful and multiply.  We believe this is wired into all human beings by their Creator.

The wonderful thing about this concept is that when we are in other cultures it forces us to ask “What things transcend cultures that enable human beings to improve, make things better and succeed?”.  The answer must work regardless of the traditions, history and entrenched behaviours in those different places.  It must work as well in Western Canada as it does in Africa.

Our conclusion from experience is the answer to this key question is that when we walk in the principles communicated by the Creator, we see the outcomes that all men and women desire.  Principles such as:

  1. There are no nationalities, races, genders or social status in the eyes of the Creator.  All human beings are created in His image and are worthy of honour and dignity.
  2. Your return in life is directly related to what you invest.
  3. Dishonesty and corruption will eventually be exposed and will destroy whatever they touch.
  4. Generosity enriches the giver and the receiver.

There are many more but hopefully the point is clear.  All of these principles work in any culture because they are universal and come from the heart of the Creator, the God of the universe.

Enjoy our Nations galleries, stories and future blogs.  We’ll share our experiences from other cultures as we discover the uniqueness of our fellow residents on this earth.

Back to Eden Group

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