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Seeds in the Philippines

It’s time for an update on Back to Eden Group’s recent support of our friends in the Philippines.  First a quick reminder about our financial philosophy regarding any funds we receive via PayPal donations.  After covering the minimal ongoing costs to support our website, the rest of the funds are invested in people that we know through relationship are working hard to live by the core values we aspire to.

Relationship – with the Creator of the universe and each other

Stewardship – caring for creation and all we have been entrusted with

Dominion – living in authority and above our circumstances

In the past year we have been sowing seeds in the Philippines in several ways.  Our friends Gerson and Eddie Deita and their families in Mindanao, work hard in the area supporting the community, providing disaster relief when called upon (which is all too often in that part of the world), training and assisting rural pastors in supporting their own communities in addition to operating their several small businesses.  They also train these pastors in how to be self-sufficient in their own communities.  After several years of relationship with us and personal visits by our son Caleb, we know these folks are trustworthy and are planting the seeds from Back to Eden Group wisely.

One of our recent gifts assisted two rural pastors in purchasing motorcycles to enable them to serve their communities as well as provide transportation to others.  They will also be using these bikes as mini-taxis to generate income to support themselves.

Phillipines Pastor Bike1

Philippines Pastor Bike2









After our gift was received, we were sent these notes of thanks:

The blessing you have given to me has a deep impact to my ministry as a pastor, there are a lot of people who still have not heard the word of God the blessing you have given me will surely help in bringing more souls to the kingdom of God, with all my heart i thank you especially in my area in the mountain .

God bless and may God bless you more,

Pastor Rodel (last name withheld)

I’m so much thank you for extending blessing to me to buy a motor bike, ah this motor bike is a very useful for the ministry,especially in a remote area.

Thank God for using you and I hope one day we will meet you here. And hope more Pastors in the mountain will also get motorcycle so they will not walk.


Pastor Daryl (last name withheld)

Other areas where we have been able to help included assisting with funeral expenses incurred following the untimely death of a young woman in the community and financial support for a down payment on an SUV, which will be not only be used for the busy and growing ministry but also for several entrepreneurial endeavours.

Last but not least, in the past two weeks, the ministry held their annual youth rally of over 500 young people who attend from nearby villages.  Each year this is a big event which requires transportation from the mountainous regions down to the lake where they eat, have fun and get baptized.  We were able to send $600 to assist with these expenses to help make the event memorable for everyone and to create relationship opportunities for the youth.

Thank you to all who give to Back to Eden Group to help us make a difference throughout the world.  Our desire is to be more than a blog site which posts information for others to read but to also connect as a community, sharing ideas and resources to create change.

If you are interested in investing your time, money and talents by visiting the Philippines, let us know by commenting on this post or by contacting us directly.

John and Katherine Matthews

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