The following letter was written by Kris Vallotton of Bethel Church in November, 2010 officially severing any ties between Bethel, Eaglesnest School of Supernatural Ministry (ESSM) and the Matthews.  

Subject: Eagle Nest Training School

To whom it may concern,

The Eagles Nest Training School began as an affiliate school of Bethel Church, under the leadership of Wesley and Stacy Campbell. It was to be directed and managed by the Matthews, who graduated in good standing from the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry last year.

The leadership of Bethel Church has had a long-standing relationship with the Campbells, and we have several prophetic words about co-laboring together. Our leadership team felt like our participation in the Kelowna school was part of the fulfillment of God’s heart to see us work together to extend the Kingdom.

Although we have more than 350 schools using our curriculum, we only have three other schools that are under our covering and considered affiliates. These schools recognize our leadership and authority in their lives and the lives of their schools, and honor us as their overseers.

A misunderstanding has occurred between the Matthews, the Campbells and Bethel Church. Apparently, the Matthews thought that the Eagles Nest Training School was their school that the Campbells would teach in, and Bethel Church would influence. Ultimately, this created an irreconcilable situation for Bethel Church, the Campbells and the Matthews. The Matthews’ solution has been to separate the school from the Campbells, and lead the school by themselves. The Bethel Church leadership team does not agree with this solution, but honors the Matthews’ decision to become an independent school of ministry.

Therefore, the Bethel Church affiliate status of the Eagles Nest Training School in Kelowna, Canada, which was extended to the school because of our relationship with the Campbells, has now been withdrawn. We no longer give oversight to this school, or have any authority to influence it in any way.

The Matthews are very capable leaders who have had a very positive impact on their students in this short season. Although we highly disagree with their decision and grieve for the students that came to school under a different pretense, still we extend our hand of friendship to the Matthews and hope they will succeed.

The Matthews see Harold Eberle as their spiritual overseer. We very much love, respect and appreciate Harold’s leadership. We are glad that he is involved in their lives and in the school.



Kris Vallotton,

Senior Associate Leader,

Bethel Church Redding California