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“Now let’s get one thing straight here Ma and Pa, I am the center of my universe. I’m a big fat baby and I rule this house!”

Big Fat Baby

There is a continual conflict within every human being throughout all generations. The I is always elbowing its way to the top of this conflict. And so it is, the Soul is the Royal Ruler unless our spirit takes its God given place of dominion. This is nothing less than insubordination or as some would call it – ‘soul power’.

God has created us first a spirit. He gave us a soul and He put us into a body.

We are to function as a spirit man who hosts the soul that lives in a body!

There must be a dividing and separation of soul and spirit (Heb 4:12) in order to walk in the spiritual realm of the domain of the kingdom. The spirit is the power of life in God and yet until it becomes awakened through the born again experience with Jesus sitting in the centre of the spirit man, it cannot be alive to God. Prior to salvation the soul draws from the spirit of a man and rules over its unregenerate state. The condition of the soul keeps the spirit trapped under its government of self and its influence. God ordained the spirit of a man to lead the soul and body into the presence of God.

From the womb of heaven until a human being grows old enough to be held into account the soul dominates and tutors our body as an undaunted taskmaster. The surroundings and culture around us assist to develop our being and form who we become as the soul draws on the power of the spirit. Yet, no matter what religion, race or status, all people throughout history could testify that a child’s will, emotions and body are dutiful dictators.

In the Hebraic culture, the child was seen as an integral part of the extended family, spiritual family and society at large. The individualism that exhists in Christendom today was not prevalent until church and state united displacing the authority of the parents and Hebraic customs and culture. If we are going to glean all our benefits we must ‘remember and return to the ancient paths’.

Loving care, teaching, modelling, coaching, mentoring, life skills in business, religion, home economics and the arts were all a natural flow of life for a child both in the natural sense as well as the spiritual child. Just as spirit and soul have created a heavenly pattern and protocol so does the parent and child relationship. In order for us to understand and apply knowledge to gain wisdom from above we must get under the culture that God has presented to us as the model for living our faith.

We have walked through the history books of our forefathers and gained wisdom from their exploits. (David – 1 Sam 17:32-37) Some have been valiant for honourable causes and others we turn from in horror at their example of ruthless, callous, defiant and blatant disregard for God’s absolutes. May we learn from both their successes and failures. (Hophni and Phineas – 1 Sam 2:22)

Today lets pinch the fat cheeks of this adorable, big eyed wonder, who truly believes he will rule the world of adults and society alike. Why does he believe this? Because Mommy and Daddy, the main caregivers (yes and church culture) have dutifully confirmed that he is in fact – deity!  At Back to Eden Group we have dubbed the insubordination of the spirit man, the Big Fat Baby. This is the soul’s true nature and it will never voluntarily yield its position. In truth it will even attempt to deceive the spirit of man into abdicating its authority through many means including religious jargon.

All of this makes no excuse for our disregarding our scriptural mandate to know God and all His ways that lead to life. We alone must take parental authority of our soul, subduing it, disciplining and training it to yield to our spirit man. (Rom 12:2) Once placed in order the soul is a wonderful component of our being, expressing the wonders of God.

The spirit of a man is like the parent of our being, our person (spirit, soul, body) . Why does Paul say ‘you have not many Fathers?’ Because not many walk in dominion of their entire being, taking their God given position of being governed by their spirit, who trains the soul and body to function in the world. Therefore how can those who cannot govern themselves walk in true authority amongst the people on the earth?

Another name for the big fat baby is the ‘flesh’ or carnal nature that pulls on our emotions and flips us about like wind. There certainly has been a lot of bubbling blowing going on in those puffy squeezable cheeks! Yes, Western Christianity has fed the soul well but should we be found with our hands in the cookie jar, we will be held accountable. No one else can feed our spirit for us, we must nurture ourselves before God, grow up and change our diet. Sadly we have been like young calves robotically gorging on the non-relational teat of a mechanical milk dispensing machine. Enough of childish things, we must redeem the time and grow up into maturity. (Phil 3:18-21)

We know it’s true, there are not many mothers and fathers in the body of Christ. It is our conviction at Back to Eden Group that this is due to the institutional church culture of modelling that the highest value is upon the exaltation of the soul. Fame and beauty, which is nothing less than soul power, has become the pinnacle, giving way to carnal desires. This lawlessness that exists in the body of Jesus on the earth is sown into every family and every form of corporate worship gathering. This raises its young to appear to be adults but in reality are immature big fat babies. For the most part, because of this deformity Christians are fairly irrelevant as they crawl about in society. Why is this? Why is there a perpetual generation of big fat baby Christians? We are deformed because we are not heeding the Father’s design and pattern. We love our feasts, drive-thru pablum frenzies of quick fix gimmick seminars, counselling cuddle time, soother sucking techniques that tickle the big fat baby into gleeful giggles of complete dependence on a counterfeit parental model.

All the while, the leaders (parents?) of this heretical propaganda charge exorbitant amounts of the child’s inheritance (their very life and time on earth) as a down payment for this wonderful ‘family life’. They gather the wee toddlers yet once again into the baby stroller down fairytale lane, where udders abound and they can just latch onto the flowing milk and deceive themselves into believing they are growing in the knowledge of God. We call this the conference circuit or ‘the escape into Christian Disneyland’ and also ‘pablum drunkards’. Really people? Do you really believe this lie and that you are somehow morphing into the royalty promised by remaining a slave inside your own being? The only kingdom of rulership at work here is the soul, who reigns supreme screaming demands for a full diaper to be changed now and it better be now! It is inconceivable to know that entire generations are leaving the planet totally strapped down, gleefully riding the toddler train all the way to eternity with rainbow coloured soothers. It is a sin that the only mantle they will ever wear is their own security blankets. What a travesty, what a loss of birthright, all for the comfort and ease of abdicating to a big fat baby. And so the body follows the soul until this royal brat is dethroned.

Q: How should we govern our own beings?

A: As a spirit being moving between this world and the kingdom world of the spirit.
For if you live according to the flesh, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live.” – Romans 8:13

Q: How does the body of Christ come to ignore the need to walk in the spirit when its right there in the bible?

A: To really see this we must start at the very beginning with Adam and Eve’s fall. We must repent and turn from our doctrines of lifting up our minds (Greek intellectualism) thinking that with this belief we will run like Olympians in this spiritual race of gaining our birthrights.

Q: How then are we to treat our soul and our bodies?

A: Our spirit man must train them to endure hardship and receive gladly the chastenings of Gods love and be transformed. (Heb 12:1-11) Paul said ‘I beat my body into submission’. (1Cor. 9:27)

He was using athletic metaphors intentionally, remember he lived in a culture that birthed the Olympics. His soul (intellect) was highly trained and powerful in ruling his being. But by then he had repented and established dominion in his spirit and we find him teaching us we must parent our soul through discipline and hard work.

“We urge you brothers and sisters to make a decision to become an honourable parent (host) of your being. Let us walk as mature sons and daughters and put away childish living” ( 1 Cor 13:11).

In conclusion, it’s time to discipline that portion of our being, our soul.  God’s intent is that on a daily basis we nurture and grow to allow our spirits to emerge free of the demands and influences of the flesh. Just as in a natural sense, a family must have a Godly parent to teach them the ways of God.

You are welcome to come learn along with us at Back to Eden Group as we walk in community, caring for one another and providing parental examples that dethrone the big fat baby. Though the soul is a lovely component of who we are and reflects the beauty of God through the body’s expressions, both were ordained to be under the tutorage of the spirit.  This is God’s order.

Big Fat Baby jailTo allow our spirit to govern, let’s put the big fat baby in its place.

Katherine Matthews

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  • Caleb Matthews

    Brilliant and eloquently put! A refreshing reality to a wake up call that Christians must heed and respond to. Time to become relevant…because currently as a whole for the most part we aren’t. Thanks for reminding us that our spirit man is supposed to be in dominion and not our “feelings” or “emotions”.

  • Cheryl H.

    Agreed. But then again what do you expect when leadership itself is a “big fat baby”? And anyone who places themselves “under” that leadership can only go as far as the leader has gone

    I quote Oswald Chambers when I say “If we are not heedful of the way the spirit of God works in us, we will become spiritual hypocrites. We see where other folks are failing, and we turn our discernment into the gibe of criticism instead of into intercession on their behalf.” He was talking about 1 John 5:16.

    Food for thought.

    • B2E Group

      Certainly true that Jesus said you will be like your teacher, fat or otherwise. Can you explain further how the Oswald Chambers quote and scripture noted connect with your first point?

      • Cheryl H.

        They dont connect – two separate thoughts.

  • James Thomas Canali

    This is a insightful post. I think that the soul in my life has been allowed rue of the house in many years past. Even when I was pursuing spiritual things with great interest, I would follow big life directions from my spirit but daily living I had yet to allow my spirit to reign. Would you say that this is a life long process of learning to let our spirits rule or something that we gain full authority in in this life?

    • B2E Group

      It surely is a life long process that we must be vigilant to focus on. If Paul could say that “I have not yet attained” then we will always have unfinished business in becoming like Jesus.

  • Jessica Sanders

    This was very encouraging for me, personally in this time.. I know this topic is such a huge key for my life. Thank you for writing, being brave spiritual parents, and calling us forward!!

  • D Erickson

    Why is the baby “fat”?

    • B2E Group

      Cuz he has been gorging on milk, baby pablum and other sweet foods (no meat or vegetables). How do you think that applies to spiritual things?

      • D Erickson

        so the baby is being fed but not the right stuff… this why the baby isn’t skinny. I imagine that when the child is healthy from eating right and getting what it needs it will then become a toned adult.

        • B2E Group

          Yes…and the baby is not mature enough to make the right food choices. That is why the baby needs a wise parent (i.e. your spirit man in relationship with the Creator).

  • Jimmy

    I think something that troubled me as a big fat baby in he past was the area I’d discernment… I think I would discern or see something in an area or person and my soul would take over and Quench the wisdom or counsel god wanted to impart to me and train me in. I think as was in my case he soul over spiritualizes everything. It disconnects in a sense from the earth, it aids in dysfunction. While the spirit is in union with creator had has access to divine dialogue. (testing my I pod and the mobile site at work!)

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