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Today, in honour of his 26th birthday, we offer this guest blog from our son, Caleb Matthews.  Enjoy his thought provoking and insightful writing.  We think it is downright brilliant…


matrixIn the 90’s a revolutionary film starring Keanu Reeves that was directed by the Wachowski brothers called “The Matrix” hit theatres which completely blew circuits, rocked people’s personal perceptions and challenged gridlines of thinking within our culture. In essence the message of the film is about humans and how we function daily in this earthly realm largely unaware of the invisible code, a cloud of deception that blinds us to embrace lesser truths and realities than what we could potentially have. The focus of this movie is a clash between good and evil, light and darkness, organic individuals against cloned machines, those who are controlled by the Matrix versus those who seek to resist it in order that a new reality can be established. We discover that the only way the captives imprisoned by the Matrix can be freed is by the coming of a Savior called “The One” who is prophesied as the chosen vessel to lead the people from darkness to light, to the new world.

In the history of mankind one such fiery and passionate revolutionary who walked the earth pointing to another realm of existence was Jesus. This seemingly simple Jew heralded the coming of another kingdom that was greater than the Matrix of Rome. While his friends and fellow Hebrews all were suffering under the weight of Roman occupation and rule Jesus had perspective and vision of what was to come. In the gospel account of John we find Jesus’ promise to his disciples.

John 14:2 “In my Father’s house there are many dwelling places if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you.”

In the original Greek language “dwelling places” should be translated as “dimensions of reality”. When we look at it this way it totally changes the way we look at what Jesus was saying. It wasn’t just pie in the sky mansions one day in heaven but he meant that there is living, breathing and interactive spiritual dimensions of reality available to us right now!

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
– Galileo Galilei


Fact or Fiction? True or False? Light or Dark? Positive or Negative? Good or Evil?

These are just a few examples of the many choices we all personally have to decide between on a daily basis. Ultimately at the end of our lives we will look back and see that the fruit of our endeavors will be largely weighed and judged by which of these decisions we make.

In the Matrix the main character Neo encounters a very intriguing, strange and unique individual called Morpheus a leader of individuals who have been “unplugged” from the Matrix. Through a series of interactions and close terrifying encounters with negative opposing powers Neo begins to entertain the notion and thought of the Matrix being something that is real and not a hoax. Ultimately Neo comes to his own personal crossroad and Morpheus is there to provide help and meet him at the point of decision offering one last chance to Neo that he either takes the blue pill “stay in the fantasy” or the red pill “stay in wonderland”. Neo chooses the red pill to stay in the adventure of pursuing the depths of greater realities.

2 Corinthians 4:18 “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

Life is a beautiful thing. The blue skies above, the warm winds passing through one’s face, swimming in the many different seas, lakes and oceans of our planet, sharing life with many unique and wonderful types of people that God created in his own image and enjoying the privilege and honour of every moment we get to live, move and have our being in is simply magnificent.

MatrixBluePillRedPillExercise: Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and mediate in your heart on all the things you’ve been given in your life. Give thanks. Then ask yourself this question below:

Are you settling for the blue pill or are you taking the plunge into the red pill?


As Neo’s deliverance from the Matrix and journey continues into the “real world” we are introduced to the kingdom where all the free people live. This place is called “Zion” the last free city of the free people’s of the earth (those who are unplugged from the Matrix the system of the world). It is here where people are free to be family, live without fear and celebrate the beauty of the freedom in the spirit. It is a dimension and a realm of peace and harmony where there is no suffering, pain, war, hate or evil but only life and light. This sounds very similar and parallel to the journey of another notable individual in Hebraic spiritual history named Abraham.

Abraham was a nomad, a wandering pilgrim who was acting on his firm promise from God that he would be the “Father of Nations” and would inherit the land he walked on. Ultimately Abraham did not know where he was going but remained faithful that his promise would come to pass in his lifetime.

Hebrews 11:10 “For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.”

I’m just going to shoot straight with you dear reader. Please enjoy life, embrace the process in whatever gets thrown your way and love, laugh and live out loud but know that this temporary realm of existence is not our permanent home. Look to heaven like Abraham did in his lifetime. Much like the film that I’ve quoted throughout this article we do live in a Matrix a world system and there are powers of good and evil at work in this world.

So if we do live in a Matrix then shouldn’t there be a Zion as well?


The make it or break it moment setting that can either make you soar or destroy you is on the battlefield of the mind. I will leave you with what Morpheus says when first begins to train Neo about how to overcome the Matrix. Morpheus ascends from one rooftop to the next and then beckons Neo to follow. You may not believe anything of what I just wrote in my article…but I challenge you to consider following this wisdom.


PS: Personal activation: If you you are willing and like going on meditation journeys please listen to the whole song in the following link from beginning to end. Find a place to lie down and soak it in. It ties into my article message.  Listen by clicking here.

Caleb is the founder and sole proprietor of Encompassed by Dreams, a multi-faceted organization with a deep and varied commitment to the spiritual realm and our Creator.  You can experience more of his inspirational writing and creativity at

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  • James Thomas Canali

    What a real and applicable message for us today. America the “land of the free” so they say. But have we traded our freedom for societies versions of “zion.” I think of all the structures in america that people are part of. But in each structure education, government, church, etc. I don’t see a free people. I don’t see a zion. I see a matrix. It’s undeniable at this point. Are there good things coming from each place yes, because I believe there is a redeemer and builder, “the one” has entered our midst and not to our duty or our loyalty, but to judge a system and bring back the family, the core, the b2e effect.

    Caleb, Happy Birthday! And I am soaking in your words and the spirit in which you write.

    In Freedom.


  • k.noel

    Yep, God can only be my reality. no other way, period…

  • Mary Tucci

    Bless you Caleb Happy 26th Birthday this was such a blessing and a needed encouragement. I got comfortable put my headset on and listen to the song and was taken to another place with my heavenly father once again reminding me once again this is not my home my home is in him thank you for sharing such a beautiful song on the celebration of if this special day your birthday xo love sister Mary

  • Cheryl Harrop

    Loved the Matrix! And I so agree about John 14:2 – Endless possibilities in those realms for sure are way more exciting than a mansion (room, house whatever)! Happy Birthday!

  • Jacob

    The idea of the red pill/blue pill really stood out to me. This really hits home as I think about what I have found in studying what the new Jewish year holds… I won’t give it all away, but we have now entered year 5774.

    70=Ayin=to see understand, divine providence
    4= Dalet= Door= either to move out of the tent or stay in the tent. Red pill or blue pill. Isolation or Adventure.

    Good Stuff Caleb! Happy Birthday!

  • Jessica Sanders

    This is an awesome, timely article. -It’s crazy how dysfunction gets programmed into us, from an early age, so that the “matrix”, feels to most like the original way things should be…and cultural perceptions of normalcy keeping us totally blind to these masks of “reality”, in so many ways.
    -There was true hope, insight, and inspiration in your writing. -Thanks for this!

    Happy Birthday Caleb!!

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