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What if?

What If?

As we are now well into the New Year, it seems a good time to consider some provocative “What If” questions…

What if?

What if the Kingdom really is within you…not in a nation, building, belief system or some far away place?

What if the temple of the Spirit actually is your body…not a cathedral, tent, house or anything made with human hands?

What if all believers really are priests…not the pastor, preacher, prophet, guru, bishop or any other person positioning themselves as your covering or mediator to God?

What if it always has been about walking together in the cool of the day with your Creator…and never about religion, holy books, creeds and doctrines?

What if the day has arrived when we can worship anywhere…not in this mountain or that mountain, this place or that place or this group or that group?

What if the Bible is an imperfect invitation to meet the perfect God-man…not an encyclopedia of rules and regulations to be followed to make us perfect?

What if we are living in the greatest reformation and revolution in human history…not in dysfunctional chaos on the constant edge of disaster?

What if every day is a Holy Day…not just those days when humans stuff themselves into “holy” buildings, temples and sacred places?

What if the time has come when the Spirit will teach you…rather than the latest popular guru, wise man or religious celebrity?

If all these statements were true, how would your life change?  What would be different tomorrow?

Finally, how about making this post interactive by sharing your own “What if’s” in the comments section of this post.

“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

John 10:10

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