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Window of Reconciliation

Windows of Reconciliation

As we enter the month of September, we are approaching an important period on the calendar. There are 4 key “windows of reconciliation” periods throughout the year during the equinox periods between the seasons. Arthur Burk of Sapphire Leadership Group has written a very informative paper on this topic (you can find it here).  Arthur’s hypothesis is that the reason occult groups are so focused on these equinox time periods is that our Creator deposited a special blessing on them and the dark side also realizes this. The September window of reconciliation (Sep 10 – 30) focuses on reconciliation with God. It coincides with the fall equinox (transition from summer to fall).

Window of Reconciliation

We encourage you and your household to purposefully engage with this article and sanctify this time with us. Jesus participated in this time and so should we. Part of your activations will involve declarations and testimony of God’s planned provision for your life in this window (read the article for more). During this window of reconciliation, we invite you to submit your declarations and stories of God’s faithfulness in comments on this blog (…they overcame him by … the word of their testimony – Rev 12:11)

Step through this window…

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