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Occasionally we are asked about our core beliefs and what we are about. Our very first post – “Why Back to Eden?” will get you started. In addition, rather than providing an exhaustive list or some kind of doctrinal statement for you to review, we have organized a list of key posts by subject to enable you to explore further. While you do so, please remember to provide us with feedback in the comments sections. We value your contribution to our online global community.


Peer review

The Trouble with Peer Review

Just because a majority of people agree on an idea does not make it correct.  The idea must stand on its own merits whether a small or large number of people agree with it.  It is the truth of a matter that makes it correct not how many people believe it.

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Religion & Spirituality


The Rainbow and Inclusion

The rainbow and inclusion have becoming closely associated with each other.  Perhaps surprisingly, this is not a new concept but is rooted in ancient texts

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Mysterious Identity

Mysterious Identity At a recent spiritual gathering that I have attended monthly over the past year I came to realize that many in the group

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Forgiveness & Reconciliation

Counsellor or Community

Counsellor or Community?

As people of faith, are we intended to seek a counsellor or community? Are you aware that many ‘counsellors’ and/or ‘life coaches’ are highly co-dependent?

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Reconciliation in Action

Way back in 1991, the first “for Dummies” book was published.  “DOS for Dummies” was a self-help book intended to help the average person understand

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Reconciliation Models

In our previous blog, The Meaning of Reconciliation, we presented the idea that forgiveness is instant and reconciliation is a process.  We then described the

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Cultural Transformation

Great Leveling - Part 2

The Great Leveling – Part 2

In Jesus, the ultimate Deity, the Creator of the universe made an emphatic statement. You don’t need a temple, spiritual specialist, religious hierarchy or special location to connect with me.  You only need to come to me by opening your spirit and being fully truthful.  That’s it!

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Building on Truth

Building on Truth?

As political parties across the world and movements struggle for legitimacy, perhaps they should consider a strategy of building on truth?  Objective truth.   Put another

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Personal stories


The Privilege of Parenthood

Parenthood – A privilege, a divine co-labouring, a selfless service, requires stamina, resilience and eyes full of dreams. It is the expression of the divine

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Back to my Future

Back to my Future

It has been a very, very long time since the last B2E Group blog post.  While there just hasn’t been a lot of urgency to

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Regardless of the situation that creates the challenge, the wonder of perseverance changes the focus from the often horrific circumstances to the overcomer and somehow beauty emerges for all to see.

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