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The Privilege of Parenthood


– A privilege, a divine co-labouring, a selfless service, requires stamina, resilience and eyes full of dreams.

It is the expression of the divine DNA, the giving of ones self, regardless of agony or heartbreak, investing in one’s own offspring with no guarantee of a return of affections or appreciation.

Parenthood is an act of faith.  To procreate is to collaborate with the divine commission in creating the miracle of new life.


– A joyous weighty responsibility of nurturing, instructing, admonishing and mentoring.

– A chapter of pages, emerging unique designs with laughter and deep pleasure. A fulfilment.

– A priceless treasure of love and joy that for some lasts heartbreakingly but a few hours or a day, others for a lifetime. Both produce blissful ecstasy and/or crushing unfathomable grief etched upon ones heart, forever.

The mystery of this distinguished service, by its very act of outpouring, claims respect and honour.  It is to be revered and cherished.

This reflection is but a glimpse into the faintly recognized heaven birthed yet mortal office of parenthood.

Katherine Matthews


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